Expert Level Translator

Expert Level Translator

1st Shift

9 am - 12 am

Job Description

Lingua Inc. is currently seeking Expert-Level Translators to work in support of an upcoming, anticipated contract for a customer in the DC Metro Area.

Expert-Level Translators should demonstrate an ILR 5 level langauge ability in one of the following languages: Arabic (Modern Standard and all dialects); Chinese-Cantonese; Chinese-Mandarin (all dialects); Chinese-Shanghai/Wu; Chinese-Fukien/Taiwanese; Japanese; Korean; Afrikaans; Danish; Dutch; Flemish; French; Haitian Creole; Italian; Lingala; Norwegian; Portuguese (Brazilian and European); Romanian; Spanish; Swahili (Kiswahili); Swedish; Albanian; Lithuanian; Amharic; Macedonian; Armenian (Eastern and Western); Malay; Azerbaijani; Malayalam; Baluchi; Marathi; Bengali; Mongolian; Bosnian; Nepali; Bulgarian; Panjabi (Punjabi); Burmese; Pashto; Cambodian (Khmer); Persian/Farsi; Cebuano; Polish; Chechen; Russian; Croatian; Serbian; Czech; Sindhi; Dari; Slovak; Estonian; Slovenian; Ewe; Somali; Finnish; Tagalog; Georgian; Tajik; German; Tamil; Greek; Tausug; Gujarati; Telugu; Hausa; Thai; Hebrew; Tibetan; Hindi; Tigrinya; Hungarian; Turkish; Igbo (Ibo); Turkmen; Indonesian; Uyghur; Javanese; Ukrainian; Kazakh; Urdu; Kirghiz; Uzbek; Kissi; Vietnamese; Kurdish; Yoruba; Lao; Zulu; Latvian (Lettish)

An understanding of trade and/or negotiation terminology is helpful. You must be able to accurately translate ambiguous terms, subtitles and nuances in your target language. Proofreading is required for all completed documents including legally binding translations. Translation requirements and turnaround times vary depending on each individual request.

Job Responsibilities

  • Demonstrate commitment to cultural sensitivity and working in a diverse environment.
  • Understand protocol and terminology for various industries including, but not limited to, Medical, Insurance, Finance and Law.
  • Follow client instructions, in compliance with protocol to ensure client expectations are met with the Limited English-speaking Person
  • Maintain punctuality and availability during scheduled work hours.


  • Experience working within the Intelligence Community
  • Score a minimum of 5 for translation into English on the ILR scale
  • Verifiable fluency (ILR 5/5) in the source language
  • BA/BS Degree with either/or Foreign Affairs, Language, History, Economics, Journalism concentration
  • Top Secret Clearance with CI Polygraph

Other Benefits

  • We operate a flexible work pattern, so you can choose the shifts that are best for you.
  • We offer excellent rates of pay with enhancement for special assignments, weekends, nights and bank holidays.

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